Paint By Numbers Review

Brief summary

It is a painting of a woman you have to paint yourself with the help of numbers. It looks like it will be a very detailed painting when finished. Looking forward to see it fully coloured in.


It was packed in just plastic, but cause of the roll in the middle where the painting was rolled up on, the painting was safe and there was no damage done to it.
It looks like it will be very detailed when it's done, but that it will take a long time to finish it cause of all the small boxes. I do think it will take some patience to finish it.
There are 19 colours of paint, 3 different sizes paint brushes and hooks/screws to hang the painting up when it is finished. The canvas it self seems and feels like good quality.
I have bought something similar before, also a painting by numbers. But this one seems alot harder and more small boxes to paint. Which will take alot more time and probably more skills. The smallest brush will be used mostly.
I think that it would be nice if there could be an even smaller brush with it, would make the smaller boxes easier to paint ;and also so you dont have to be super carefull and slow. Maybe the tracking a bit more clearer, but that could be post offices problem. Thanks seller for this beautifull painting.
In conclusion, I would like to wish the seller success in business and life every day of receiving the joy you gave me! In my face, you have found a new buyer.